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How does the Adult Text Generator work?

When I began promoting webcams, I started from scratch. I didn't have a huge network of sites to pull traffic from, nor did I have the ad dollars for placement on a tube. I had to get my traffic the old fashioned way - earn it!

I spent hours researching webcams and testing methods for generating traffic and I found that the best way to accomplish this was to watch cam shows and write about them! I immediately began to see traffic coming into my site for a variety of terms and discovered the secret for generating search engine traffic for adult webcam sites!

Why webcams you ask? Well that's simple. Spend some time in any adult webmaster forum and you will find that webcams are the best source of recurring income for adult webmasters. The content is engaging and always fresh - things that the search engines love.

So without further ado, this is the type of blog post I wrote that generated adult traffic:

And this is the exact type of content you will get with the adult text generator. ALL of the source content is handwritten specifically for this program. We don't scrape the web for it. We don't hire people who have English as a second language. This guarantees* that this content is readable and unique... and all for YOU!

So how does the adult text generator produce such unique XXX content?

I'm not afraid to give away the secret as to how this adult text generator works because the real secret is the source content, something that I have written myself and know works to pull webcam traffic to your site.

First, the program looks at all the variables selected. From this, it then scours the source content for all of the available sentences that meet your requirements. Next it randomly pulls a sentence from the mix and runs it through not one, not two, but THREE text replacers.

Not only that, but the content is then checked for grammar! Anyone has used a text spinner has banged their head when "a wonderful good time" becomes "a amazing good time" and rightfully so. But the adult text generator is NOT a spinner. It is a text generator with multi-level text replacers so "a wonderful good time" becomes "an amazing time with a sexy MILF on webcam!"

The program doesn't just spin words without reason. In fact, the logic behind our phrase replacer even more effective than the word replacer on your cell phone's text messaging system!

Need more proof? Here is another generation of the text from above:

This is how I made money online with adult webcams:

Sample web page with generated adult text

By creating pages like you see above, I was able to generate search engine traffic that converted. I can't tell you how many hours I spent writing text, but believe me - it was a lot! But in the end is was worth it because it put money in my pocket - and still does every day, months after I posted the blog content!

Here is exactly what you get with the Adult Text Generator:

1. Unlimited access to the Adult Text Generator web site. Our content is updated every week and constantly checked for accuracy and originality. Keeping this online ensures that you are getting the highest quality adult content each and every time!

2. My #1 secret for generating search engine traffic for your webcam site and/or blog.

3. My monthly newsletter about best practices for promoting webcams, analysis of how my webcams converted for the month and insight into search analytics that will help you generate search traffic.

The Adult Text Generator is limited to 300 users so ACT NOW!

This tool is so valuable to webcam bloggers that I am limiting its release. Not only am I offering access to this tool, but I plan on using it myself so the last thing I want is a bunch of crazy auto-bloggers out there ruining the time and effort I've put into creating this amazing tool. I am limiting access to 300 users and that is it. No more.

Not only that, but the adult text generator will NOT be set up as an auto-blogger. Making money with webcams requires actual effort and while I've cleared the hurdle for writing unique and accurate text, this isn't meant to be abused. By keeping this program under wraps, it ensures that everyone with access will be able to make money promoting webcams.

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* While we guarantee that the text is readable and unique, it is written by humans so the occasional type or grammar error may sneak it. We do constantly monitor our text for such errors and fix them immediately once they are identified. As a best practice, you should always review the generator text for correctness and add a few flairs of your own.